Monday, September 8, 2014


First I want the Coffey Family to know that I love them. I can not imagine what you guys are going through right now. I just want to say this. Families are Forever. I know for a fact that you guys will see your Dad again. I know that it's really hard. I lost my Father too. He was my Best Friend. It was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. But, the thing that put me at the most peace was dropping to my knees and saying a prayer to our Heavenly Father. Asking for peace and asking for comfort. God loves us, more than we can ever understand. And he always answers our prayers. I remember my Dad wrote me a letter and said "I'm your biggest fan, I'll be cheering you on throughout your whole life, I promise." I know that Dean is going to be doing the same thing for you guys too. Dean was one the happiest people I have ever met, literally. He would be laughing 24/7 and was always wearing a smile. The thing that I admire most about Dean was seeing how much his children looked up to him. He was such an awesome man and Dad. And I hope one day I could be a Dad like him. I can picture Dean up in Heaven right now with my Dad just saying a million jokes and laughing so hard they both have tears in their eyes. Families are Forever. When I look back on my dad I always think of the amazing memories we had. A lot of people have told me, I feel so bad for you, I can't imagine losing a parent. And I always respond, "I feel like the most blessed person in the world. I got to have the best Dad in the world in my life for 11 years" I know that I'll see my dad again and I know you will all see your dad again too. And with time those tears will turn into smiles. I love you Coffey family. With all my heart. 

Hi mom. Thank you so much for calling my mission president. He called me and the phone call went very well. It would have been a lot harder to read it over an email. I emailed Matt and told him some very personal things about Dad. He actually wrote me back and said that they are in high spirits and they know that everything is going to be OK. I love you so much mom. Please be safe. You're the person I love most in this life and I can't have anything happen to you. I had a hard night last night just because l feel so bad I wasn't  a better son mom. I love you so much and always remember that. I hope all is well back home. I hope you get my long email! How is tennis going? Good? Still Kicking Butt? You're the best Mom in the world mom. Never ever forget it. Every morning you should look in the mirror and say "MAN I'M BEAUTIFUL AND I'M THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD" Do that for me OK mommy!? I love you I hope all is well! Tell the coffeys I love them. You're my best friend.

So this week I got my new companion. His name is Elder Gonzales. He is shorter than Elder Chapeton so yeah... He is from Nicaragua and comes from a family with all in actives. He loves this church and  is going full speed in his mission. I look up to him a lot even though we've only been companions for like 4 days. He knows ZERO English. So that's kind of hard but I know that it will help my Spanish a lot. He also talks really fast. Not just to me, but everyone says he talks fast. Some times our investigators don't understand him. And they look at me and say "What did he say?" In my head I'm thinking "Uh if you don't understand him then I 100 percent for sure don't know what he's saying" haha. But the highlight of my week was Ramon. He is so ready for this Gospel. He even corrected the teacher in Priesthood, so that was the best thing in the world haha. I have a really strong feeling he will be bishop sometime in his life. Also he has asked us to visit him everyday for this next week. Of course we said yes. And in the lessons he actually gives us a little lesson on what he has learned in the scriptures that he has been reading. He is so awesome. He was an alcoholic for 37 years. He started when he was 11 years old. He never had the strength to stop until we gave him a blessing 2 months ago. He is so happy and just has this glow in him. He has such a strong testimony about the priesthood and can't wait to receive it. This church is true and I know it with all my heart. I love you all.

Love Elder Hess

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