Monday, September 8, 2014


Hey y'all!! Ok so this week we have transfers so I don't have that much time to email!
First, shout out to LEXI W. for finally making it to BYU HAWAII!!!!  You are awesome Lex! Ok so went on splits this week with one of the APs. He's from Utah and knows English so I was so happy hahaha. He was such an awesome missionary and knows so much!! He gave me a million tips about Spanish and tips on how to teach. What I like the most about him was that he had no fear in asking questions. Like the baptismal questions. Sometimes it's a little scary to do that but he said it every lesson with so much confidence. So I'm going to try to do that this up coming week!! Also this is the week that Elder Chapeton is leaving. He has been here for six months and that is the max amount of time in an area. It will be sad saying goodbye to him but I know that I have another awesome missionary on the way! I hope.. So the same old with Marta. Her husband/boyfriend wont have anything to do with this church. But dad wrote me an awesome email about just leaving it in the lords hands now. And Isaac said he does not want any more lessons. But it was really weird cause he said ¨I know that the Book of Mormon is true. But he didn't think our church was true." Weird right! A missionary here made a joke and said ¨Maybe The FLDS church is true after all¨ haha cause they believe in the Book Of Mormon too! Well I thought it was funny. But I was very upset about Isaac. I feel like our investigators progress so much and then something comes up and we can't progress because of a husband or their neighbors tell them a bunch of anti-Mormon stuff. The most frustrating thing here is people saying, I know this church is true. But so is every other church that believes in God. They say they pray, receive their answer, and then just think all churches are true. Even after we tell them to pray if this is the ONLY true church. Satan works so hard on everyone to try to keep them hidden from the truth. But I wont give up on our investigators until the Holy ghost tells me you've gave it your all. Just let the lord take over now. Well that's about it for this week! I love you all!! Sorry this was short but we have to get home to get Chapeton all packed!! Remember everyone. Work hard, then play hard.

I love you mom. I'm sorry for all the times I treated you bad. You didn't deserve any of it... You're the best mom in the world! And I thank God every single day that you are my Mother and that you raised me. I love you so much. You will never understand how much I love you Mom. I just wanted to say that before I leave the computers I love you!!

Love Your son, Elder Hess

Brown Town

Showering in the Rain

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