Thursday, September 18, 2014


Ok so this week was a weird one. It was really weird getting to know my new comp. He is so different from Chapeton! But he is a really good guy!! Something cool about him is that he was on the Nicaragua soccer team when he was 17 years old! So that means for sure he will play for them when he gets back! He is honestly so good. He's the best one in the whole mission! He really likes sports so that we do have in common! Alright so Ramon had a slip with alcohol this week. I was so sad cause we had an appointment set for 3 and we called him and he didn't answer. We called him again and he answered, he was acting a little weird but I didn't think that he would be drinking. We visited him the next day and he was 100 percent gone. It was so sad. I've never seen a person drunk like that in my whole life. We gave him a blessing and left. But before we left we left a picture of Jesus Christ on his door in his room. We have a another lesson with him today so I'm really excited for that. We're just going to show him love. Just like Christ would. The Highlight of my week was running into this guy who knows 100 English. I asked him a question like what calle is this and he responded in English. I asked do you know English and he started laughing and said I KNEW YOU WERE A GRINGO! Well we talked for about 20 minutes and he updated me on everything in the sports world cause he loves Football and Basketball. He got deported from the States like a week ago hahaha so that was so awesome! I was a little sad cause he doesn't live in our area. So we can't have anymore lessons with him=( Well that's it for this week! Sorry its short! We have to leave early today! I love you all!

Love Elder Hess

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