Monday, January 19, 2015


Ok so I want to start off this Email by saying Congrats to My Sister Tiff for getting Married!! Wow that is so awesome! On the day of your wedding Tiff I ate two doughnuts to Celebrate! WOOO! Welcome to the Fam Andrew!! It's Super Crazy but you will love it! Ok so I'll tell you guys why I had such an awesome weekend! Victoria and her family received the Holy Ghost. It was special. After she received it she stood up smiled at the whole ward and then looked at me and mouthed ¨Gracias.¨ That was awesome. And not only that, we had a TON of investigators show up to Church! Because we left the house at 6 to get all of them. We walked in the church about 3 minutes late but we walked in with a train of investigators hahaha! The train was a total of 15 people. I was so happy! The bishop stopped what he was talking about and just said ¨We welcome all of the people that are attending church for the first time and we hope you feel at home¨ I was so happy! But the best part was that after Church all of them said that they wanted to come back! This Church is true. I know it with all my heart. If we do our part the Lord will do his. He is bound when we do what we are suppose to. So this week we have four more baptisms. Familia Lopez.. We found them by talking to a drunk guy haha.. While we were walking the drunk man home we found this family! It was like a month ago! I'll tell you guys the whole story about them next week after they are baptized! It's nuts.. I'll just say that they are just like Victoria. A rock that can not be moved! I love you all! I'm sure loving this Mission life. There is a quote down here that I love. If we want to return and live with Jesus Christ again, we need to live this life how Christ did. It's so true, if we follow Him we will all see Him again! I love you all have the best week ever!!

Love Elder Hess

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