Wednesday, January 14, 2015


So this was easily the best week in the Mission. For many reasons! First I got my new companion! He's been in the country for a total of 6 days now! His name is Elder Vasquez and he's from Ecuador! He's the youngest missionary in the mission too. He turned 18 the day he got set apart so he's just like a little kid still! He looks 4 years old. And oh man does he talk weird.. He says so many words that nobody here understands haha! It's super fun training him. When you get a brand new missionary you become a Dad in the mission! So now I have a son! It's kind of funny! The missionaries were calling him Hijo de Hess but I told them to stop haha! I love trainin, it's so fun! The second thing that made this week awesome was we finally baptized Victoria, Victoria and Jasslin! By far the best Baptism I have ever had. I feel so close to this family it is crazy. When the little girls see me they come running and just jump all over me. There are 5 total! We had the baptism on Saturday and it was the best experience in my mission. I also let my comp baptize Victoria the Grandma. Just to get him pumped for his mission! He had his first baptism in 3 days. So he's way excited haha! So I went first in the baptism. I baptized Victoria and Jasslin first. After I baptized them it was Victoria's turn. The two little girls and I waited in the corner of the baptismal font while we watched Victoria be baptized. I was smiling so big and even cried a little. That moment was so special for me. She was so ready. And after the baptism she said something amazing in her Testimony. She said "I don't know why but there were so many people telling me so many bad things about the church. It was hard for me. I didn't know who to listen to, the missionaries or my neighbors. Elder Hess told me to Pray to God and ask him if these things were true. Because only him knows all things. I prayed and got my response. So now I don't care what my neighbors say." Then she said the best thing ever "Today when I was coming to the baptism one of my neighbors came out of her house and said where are you going (because she had her Book of Mormon in her hand) she told me I told you that the Mormons are bad people and tricking you!!" She responded, "I'm not just going to the church.. I'm going to the church to be baptized!" When she said that the spirit was so strong! The members all looked so happy! We had 58 people come to the baptism because we invited the whole ward the day before!! She is 100% converted. I love her so much and I am so proud of her. This church is true. This work is true. I have never been so happy to serve our King. I love you guys:)

Baptism of Victoria, Victoria and Jasslin

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