Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Hey everyone:) So good news! Brother Manuel got baptized on Saturday! It was an awesome service! Like 50 people showed up too!!! Manuel is so awesome! He was a reference given to us from his sister:) His sister was baptized 6 weeks ago in a different ward! But now they all live here in San Pedro Sula! We met Manuel 3 weeks ago, and now he's a member of the Church of Jesus Christ! It is so crazy how fast this work grows when everyone works together! We visited Manuel 3 times a week for 3 weeks. Now we are going to focus on his Dad. He doesn't really like us but we are going to see what we can do with him:) This week was "Semana Santa" and holy cow did everyone leave San Pedro. There was nobody here all week... It was kinda a hard week on us but it all paid off because we had the baptism. During Semana Santa the whole world here goes to the beaches to relax. Oh and another thing... It is so hot.. I can't even sleep at night because the heat is so strong. I showered 3 times in the middle of the night the other day because I was so dang hot. It's insane.. I have never gotten use to the heat down here haha!! Well I love you guys! That was my week!!!! Everyone Watch conference and take notes!!

Love Elder Hess

Baptism of Manuel

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