Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hey everyone! So I'm going to keep this one short because we have an early lesson today! How is everyone? I miss all of you just so you know! But I'm not baggy!! I'm having a great time in the mission! So something awful that is happening right now is the weather. It is officially the hottest time of the year in Honduras. I'm dying. The sun here just drains you. I have to drink like a million bags of water a day so I don't die... And sleeping.. It is so hot here that the fans don't really work because they shoot out hot air. Sleeping is hard but it's OK because I usually fall asleep pretty fast because I'm always so tired. I think I have told you guys about Chikunguna. The awful illness that is going around. The country here is going insane. Everyone is so sick! The government bought these gun smoker things that are so cool to kill all the mosquitoes. On Friday they were walking down the street screaming "Get out of your houses were fumigating." They would kick everyone out and literally smoke out the whole house. The streets were so full of smoke we couldn't even tell where the sun was. Everyone was just walking around with shirts over their mouths for like 3 hours haha! Oh yeah and they have plans to burn down this huge mountain to kill more mosquitoes. Yeah awful idea but they are going to do it.

So on a spiritual note we are still teaching those two little girls and the parents (they're not married). We put a firm date and the parents gave us permission to baptize their kids! The dad was Anti Mormon about 4 weeks ago. Now he is converted and wants to be baptized! He just needs to get married first! Also the rumor is that an apostle is coming down to Honduras to talk to the missionaries. So what does that mean? I'm going to see my BOI Elder Criddle. I'm so excited! Should be an awesome experience to here from an apostle and to see one of my good friends! Well I'll write a better email next week but I love you all so much!

Love Elder Jez

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