Monday, March 16, 2015


All is going well down here in the hottest place on earth. This week went so awesome! I think that I might of had the best lesson in my mission con Miguel and Suyapa. We were talking about baptism and they shared their testimonies with us. They told us how they know the church is true and how bad they want to get baptized. But right now they cant, because Suyapa has a husband who lives in the states. And she needs his firma to get the divorce. So it's going to take a little time with them. But we shared with them in D&C 58 where the parents need to teach their kids the Gospel. When we read that with them they stopped the lesson and gave a lesson to their kids using the Book of Mormon, the Bible and D&C. They looked at us and said "Elders, if we say something wrong correct us, but if not just let us talk." We were like Uhh ok go for it hahaha! They taught about Faith, repentance and baptism. Elder Vasquez and I didn't say a word. It was a perfect lesson and I know for a fact that the girls were hit pretty hard with the spirit. After the Lesson the girls told us that they wanted to be baptized. And they set the date for this Saturday. I can not wait for that day. Well I just want to say that all of us need to keep the Gospel strong in our homes. We are the example to our own families. Always lift each other up and CTR. This life is so short but it could not be more important. We have about 50 to 90 years to do the Will of God. And if we don't where will we stand at the end of this life. Miguel also said something really great he said "If Christ came right this very second would you run to him being happy and proud of the lives that we lived or would you put your head down with shame." I think that we all need to think of the quote that Miguel said! I love you all!!

Love Elder HESS


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