Sunday, March 29, 2015


Well this week was awesome. All of our baptisms came through! We had the two girls of Miguel and Suyapa and the next day we had Kelen's! Both of the baptisms were so great! Suyapa after the baptism said she had great news and that she is going to get the Divorce done this week! And if they do it this week I might be able to see them get baptized before I have Transfers! So the Saturday baptism was insane. We went to the church like 4 hours early to fill up the font. But there was no water. So we called all of the other missionaries to see if their church had water but they all told us no. So we called the fireman to bring the firetruck over to fill it up but they told us no. We called a bunch of people and tried to do all we could to fill the font up. It just wasn't going to happen. We were going to cancel the Baptism. Everyone was so sad. Well I decided to say a prayer. (Yeah should of thought of that first) I said a prayer while holding my hand on the lever that releases the water. Right when I said "Amen" I turned the Knob.. And guess what happened... THE WATER CAME ON!! Vasquez and I just started screaming ha! It was so awesome! The power of Prayer is incredible and I hope that everyone knows it. The baptism ended up going great.  Also I had the amazing experience to hear Elder Anderson Talk. It was so great! The Power that the General Authorities have is insane. The testimony that they have is crazy... Just hearing them talk lets you know that the Church is true. Also I was able to see my BOI Elder Criddle! I'll have a picture down below! That was our goal to see each other before he goes home! And we did it WOO! Last thing. There is an 83 year old lady here who has refused to go to church her whole life (her whole family is a member). Well we've been teaching her and she's going to get baptized now! Cool huh! I love you all! 

Love Elder Hess

Miguel y Suyapa! They will be in white soon, don't worry.
I know they look super mad but that's how Hondurans smile...


Elder Hess & Elder Criddle

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